Petite Wood Greenhouse

Petite Wood Greenhouse

In stock (can be backordered)


In stock (can be backordered)

The brand new 5 ft. x 3 ft. Petite Wood Greenhouse from the Little Cottage Company is the perfect solution for growing plants in a limited space. Drawing upon years of experience designing greenhouses and custom sheds, the Petite Wood Greenhouse is an attractive addition to any home. The Petite Wood Greenhouse is designed to be easy to assemble can be put together in as little as a day, depending on how much help you have. It has plenty of windows to allow plentiful sunlight in, and features double doors in the back for easy access. Floor kit included.

The Petite Wood Greenhouse offers both functional design and a sturdy build in an affordable package. Comes with a SunSky polycarbonate roof with a 10 year warranty. Pre-primed siding is ready for your choice of paint.


* Amish Made in the U.S.A.
* Double wide barn-style door
* Floor kit
* Hinged doors with locking mechanism
* Comes in panelized sections
* Windows have functional single pane glass
* Detailed instruction manual

* Size: 58 in. H x 61 in. L x 31 in. D
* Dutch door: 42 in. x 48 in.
* Sidewalls: 51 in. at short end and 62 in. at long end

Additional information

Weight 0.0 kg
Dimensions 31.0 × 61.0 × 51.0 cm

Site Preparation

cottage kit site preparation

Mark the area, giving yourself an additional 12″ on each side of your building

storage shed kit site preparation

Make sure the area is level

playhouse kit site preparation

Fill site with desired foundation material (crushed stone shown)


We recommend using crushed stone approximately 4-5″ deep. We also advise that you have 12″ of stone around the perimeter of the outbuilding to control weeds and keep moisture away from the building. Before installing the stone, you can either dig out 4″ of soil and simply make the stone ground level, or you can make the frame with 4x4s or landscape timbers and then fill flush to the top with stone.


Another option would be to have a concrete pad installed. If you are going to have a concrete pad installed, remember to keep the pad as close to ground level as possible. We recommend that you make the pad 12″ wider on each side of the building. Using crushed stone or a concrete pad will increase the longevity of your building/playhouse. Having the proper site allows needed airflow, which will keep your building/playhouse looking great for years to come!


If it is necessary to obtain a building permit or cross a neighboring property, it is the buyer’s responsibility to obtain a neighbor’s permission or to purchase the necessary permits prior to delivery.

Delivery Info

A liftgate delivery is available on models 8×12 or smaller. Larger models can be hand-unloaded off the truck panel by panel.