Riga Eclipse Gen2 N LED Grow Lights

Riga Eclipse Gen2 N LED Grow Lights

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Eclipse Gen2N LED Grow Lights

The Eclipse Gen2N fixtures has 12 LEDs and is designed to be installed 12" to 36" above the the plant canopy, making it ideal for vertical farming, cannabis and hobby growing. The fixture is 4' long and is designed to be daisy chained, up to 15 fixtures. Includes pigtail, male connector on one end, and a female connector on opposite end, requiring less outlets and making installation easy. Maximum bar to bar spacing is 18 inches on centers, allowing for light uniformity within a slim design. Especially beneficial during short winter days to provide more hours of light to your plants, delivers high levels of PPFs (photosynthetic photon Flux), up to 104. The Eclipse Gen2 LED grow light produces the fastest germination and drives the best vegetative and flowering results of all the spectra options.

High temperature, molded silicone gaskets and injection-molded polymer end caps provide IP66-rated ingress protection from dust and moisture. 5-conductor cables, and water-tight, locking connectors provide power and dimming from bar to bar. This fixture is dimmable, water proof, damp rated and dust resistant, requires an input voltage of 108 - 305 and 50-60Hz 0-10V driver with a standard dimming function.

*The Eclipse Gen2N-PC fixture is identical to the above fixture but comes with a 9' power cord, allowing for flexibility, and can be easily relocated.

Eclipse Gen2 N LED Grow Lights Features:

* 4' fixture with 12 LEDs
* Installation at 12" - 36" above plant canopy
* Dimmable
* Anodized aluminum
* Waterproof
* Dust-resistant
* Maximum bar to bar spacing 18" OC
* Includes a 2' cord to be attached to the Gen2N-PC (2' cord is not included with the Gen2N-PC)
* 5 year warranty
* Made in Austin, TX

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